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Zoksh Payments

Welcome to Zoksh Payments technical documentation! Here you will get details about the entire suite of products available as part of Zoksh Payments!

Zoksh is a plug-and-play solution for all businesses. Accept payments anytime, anywhere, in any currency, Fiat or Crypto


Integrating Zoksh is very easy. Just follow the steps and you will be up and live in no time.

This documentation is a step by step guide you can follow to go live with us. We will cover in following order:

  1. Create an account and setup your wallet.
  2. Choose a payment solution and configure it.
  3. Trial run on our sandbox network.
  4. Go live.

1. Account Setup

  1. Create an account on Zoksh Sandbox.
  2. Setup your wallet and networks.
  3. Setup your profile information and brand details.

2. Select Payment Solutions

Zoksh is for all businesses. Select the payment flow that suits you the best. Follow the links to know more and complete integration.

  1. Payment Gateway: Integrate our Payment Gateway with your website or app to accept payments from customers. Click Here to continue.

  2. Invoices: Create and send invoices that your customers can pay online instantly.

3. Sandbox Trial Run

  1. Perform trial run on our test network.
  2. Upgrade to our production network.

Payment Verification

You can verify the payments via api if required. You can create an account on Zoksh Sandbox to test your integrations before making things public.

4. Go Live