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Zoksh On-Ramps

On Ramps integration with Zoksh gives you maximum coverage and maximum fiat and crypto combinations. Independent ramp is hosted directly on Ramps page. Both Quick and deep integration options are avilable, which are described in next sections.


The diagram below provides the overview of options available to the end user while using the ramp. Ramp diagram

Let's discuss each numbered item below which user'll interact with

  1. Item 1 Fiat amount that user is able to change, the amount they intent to use to purchase the crypto.
  2. Item 2 Currency selection. By default user'll see the currency as per their geo location, but are free to change if needed.
  3. Item 3 Crypto selection. Crypto user wants to buy, can change from list of available options by clicking on it and selecting from the available list
  4. Item 4 Blockchain where crypto can be purchased to. Varies based on selection in Item 3
  5. Item 5 Different payment methods available to user provide flexibility in fees and transaction speed.
  6. Item 6 User can choose from different providers, helping in finding best rate for the user.
  7. Item 7 Proceed to make purchase