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Payment validation

You can validate the payment information from our server, by passing the transaction hash in the request body

Basic Info

Base Url
End point/v2/validate-payment
Request methodPOST

Try request

You can play around with create order API through our postman collection.

Go to payment-gateway > order > V2 - Payment Validation to test the request.

Please remember to switch the environment to zoksh-testnet

Postman Interface

Request body

{"transaction": "0x01c483d2deb658e7cd6beea753aad0e176ea508b517b01eab9b45bf8e03b3a15"}

Response body

"success": true,
"data": {
"payer": {
"name": "payer_name",
"email": "payer_email_address",
"wallet": "payer_account_address"
"product": { // if a product was used to create the order
"code": "Zoksh_Product_Code",
"order": {
"amount": ".01", // amount specified while creating order.
"fiat": "USD" // fiat, if specifed during order creation
"token": "ETH" // if specified during order creation
"transaction": "0x01c483d2deb658e7cd6beea753aad0e176ea508b517b01eab9b45bf8e03b3a15",
"status": "validated", // *paid* if transaction is yet to be validated, or *failed*
"paidAt": 1635645700000, // transaction paid at
"validatedAt": 1635645710000 // transaction validated at
"merchantExtra": "merchant_field data in Order create*,
"payment": {
"network": "network name", // read this, in case network id is not available, like Solana/NEAR
"network_id": "network_id_for_transaction",
"token": {
fiat: "",
rate: "",
token: "",
address: "",